ReSwitched maintains a public Discord server with numerous channels for news, information, user questions, etc. Click here to join.

Member Roles Breakdown

  1. participant: Given to members who pass the #newcomers probation; has read-write access to channels under the General category and read access to channels under the Community and Hacking/Development categories.
  2. community: Given to users who continuously contribute positively to the community and the quality of discussion. All the privileges of participant plus write access to channels under the Community category.
  3. hacker: Given to members with significant technical ability; all the privileges of community plus write access to the channels under the Hacking/Development category. Note that this role is only given when requested by a user; not every user without this role is without technical ability!
  4. mod: A role given to members responsible for moderating the server. Usually not seen in the user list unless manually checked for, as most users with mod also have team.
  5. team: A role verifying a user as a member of the ReSwitched team.
  6. private: A role given to a user requiring access to channels containing sensitive information.
  7. admin: A role given to server administrators; full privileges to the entire server besides some privileges Discord provides only to the server owner.
  8. wizards: The old admin role, now cosmetic.

Channel Breakdown


General server-specific channels

  1. #newcomers: A probationary channel for all new users to obtain an understanding of the server rules before participating. Hidden after receiving the participant role.
  2. #news: A channel where all major announcements and news from the ReSwitched team is posted.


Channels for users with the participant role.

  1. #switch-hacking-meta: A channel for discussion about Switch hacking related topics that isn’t Switch hacking in and of itself.
  2. #user-support: An assistance channel for helping users with general Switch hacking, homebrew usage, etc.
  3. #tool-support: An assistance channel for helping users with ReSwitched tools/projects such as PegaSwitch, libtransistor, etc.
  4. #hack-n-all: A channel for the discussion of non-Switch related hacking.


Channels for users with the community role. Read-only without the community role.

  1. #switch-hacking-general: A channel for the generalized discussion of Switch hacking topics.
  2. #hardware-mods: A channel for the creation and discussion of hardware modifications to the Switch.
  3. #homebrew-development: A channel for the development of Switch homebrew.
  4. #creative-content: A channel for art/creative topics, inspired by the fun users had while designing Atmosphère’s custom boot splash in the now-archived #temp-atmosphere-logo.
  5. #off-topic: A channel for off-topic discussion.


Channels where active Switch-specific exploitation and development take place. Read-only without the hacker role.

  1. #toolchain-development: A channel for discussion of Switch homebrew toolchain development.
  2. #cfw-development: A channel for discussion of custom firmware development, and development of custom firmware bikeshed discussions.
  3. #github: A channel that lists new commits, issues, PR and comments to ReSwitched projects. Read-only.


Channels for server-related matters and other misc information.

  1. #versionlist-updates: A channel for HacVersionListBot to post versionlist updates. Read-only.

Public Archive

Channels that no longer serve a purpose. Read-only.

  1. #34c3-text: A discussion channel for the talks held at 34c3. Archived after 34c3 had ended for a signficant period of time.
  2. #exploit-development: A channel for active development of Switch exploits. Archived after its stated purpose spread out elsewhere, making the channel obsolete.
  3. #temp-atmosphere-logo: A channel for working on and deciding Atmosphère’s custom boot splash. Archived after a logo was decided on.
  4. #exchange: A channel for finding and exchanging certain-firmware Switches. Archived after the release of the firmware-independent exploit fusée-gelée/shofel2, which resulted in this channel becoming #off-topic2.


Our Discord maintains a set of rules and guidelines that users are expected to follow. Not following these rules may result in moderator action.

  1. Read all the rules before participating in chat. Not reading the rules is not an excuse for breaking them.
    • It’s suggested that you read channel topics and pins before asking questions as well, as some questions may have already been answered in those.
  2. Be nice to each other. It’s fine to disagree, it’s not fine to insult or attack other people.
    • You may disagree with anyone or anything you like, but you should try to keep it to opinions, and not people. Avoid vitriol.
    • Constant antagonistic behavior is considered uncivil and appropriate action will be taken.
    • The use of derogatory slurs – sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, or otherwise – is unacceptable and may be grounds for an immediate ban.
  3. If you have concerns about another user, please take up your concerns with a staff member (someone with the “mod” role in the sidebar) in private. Don’t publicly call other users out.

  4. From time to time, we may mention everyone in the server. We do this when we feel something important is going on that requires attention. Complaining about these pings may result in a ban.
    • To disable notifications for these pings, suppress them in “ReSwitched → Notification Settings”.
  5. Don’t spam.
    • For excessively long text, use a service like 0bin.
  6. Don’t brigade, raid, or otherwise attack other people or communities. Don’t discuss participation in these attacks. This may warrant an immediate permanent ban.

  7. Off-topic content belongs in #off-topic. Keep low-quality content like memes out.

  8. Trying to evade, look for loopholes, or stay borderline within the rules will be treated as breaking them.

  9. Absolutely no piracy. Discussion of “backups” or other pirated materials is not permitted, even if you legally own a copy of the game. This is a zero-tolerance, non-negotiable policy, and will be enforced strictly and swiftly.

  10. Installable homebrew NSPs are not supported here. If you are confused about how to set up homebrew properly (via hbl.nsp), it is fine to ask for assistance.

  11. The first character of your server nickname should be alphanumeric if you wish to talk in chat.